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Conducting Live Lessons – Before the lesson

    1. Check Internet conneciton

    At least 10 minutes before lesson start, please check that your internet connectivity works fine and that you don’t have any problems.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that a direct cable connection to your router is far better than a WI-FI connection.

    In case of a WI-FI connection be as close to your Router as possible for maximum results.

    Also check that you don’t have any other applications running in the background that require and use the internet during your lesson (eg downloading software, audio/video streaming services, torrents etc).

    In any case, If you still have problems, contact the Globalcitizen Tech Team directly to resolve issues.

    2. Check your Audio and Video

    Depending on the Live Connection tool you’ll be using (Skype, MS Teams, ZOOM etc), please check that your Audio and Video are working correctly, 10 minutes at least before lesson start.

    In case you have one or more Audio & Video inputs and/or outputs (microphone and speakers/headphones as well as cameras) go to the settings panel and toggle between available devices to select the one you want and works nicely for you.

    VIDEO: Using Skype for Lesson Videos – For extra help have a look at the following Post:

    3. Be prepared

    Have all necessary materials that you’ll be using during the lesson open and ready, eg books, notebooks, pens/pencils etc (in both physical and digital form).

    Don’t waste valuable time trying to find, open and use these materials during the lesson.

    NOTE: Always be 100% ready and check what you covered during your last lesson before you start your new one. Don’t dare to start your lesson and then ask your students to remind you what you did last time so you can continue from there on. It is both highly embarrassing and unprofessional and definitely not up to Globalcitizen standards for teachers to be acting this way.
    All previous lesson details plus the full video recording are available on the Globalcitizen Digital Platform for you to watch. Such poor Teacher behavior is monitored and won’t be tolerated!

    4. Let your students know that you are ready

    A few minutes before lesson start, a Globalcitizen Tech Team member will post a message asking if you and your students are ready.

    Please respond with a simple “Yes, I’m ready” post on the chat box for everyone to know.

    NOTE: If for any reason a Globalcitizen Tech Team Member is absent and there is a maximum 5′ delay, please start the lesson yourself if possible. Otherwise contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

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