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Attending Live Lessons – Before the lesson

    1. Check Internet connection

    At least 10 minutes before lesson start, please check that your internet connectivity works fine and that you don’t have any problems.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that a direct cable connection to your router is far better than a WI-FI connection.

    In case of a WI-FI connection be as close to your Router as possible for maximum results.

    Also check that you don’t have any other applications running in the background that require and use the internet during your lesson (eg downloading software, audio/video streaming services, torrents etc).

    In any case, If you still have problems, contact the Globalcitizen Tech Team directly to resolve issues.

    2. Check your Audio and Video

    Depending on the Live Connection tool you’ll be using (Skype, MS Teams, ZOOM etc), please check that your Audio and Video are working correctly, at least 10 minutes before lesson start.

    In case you have one or more Audio & Video inputs and/or outputs (microphone and speakers/headphones as well as cameras) go to the settings panel and toggle between available devices to select the one you want and works nicely for you.

    If you are using PC or Laptop keep in mind that your Smart Phone is always your back-up scenario.

    Use your Smart Phone

    If you’ll use your Smart Phone, position it horizontally and not vertically as usual, on a stable position, ideally on a stand in front of you, and at such an angle that your teacher can see your face clearly.

    NOTE 1: Smart Phones usually have great Audio and Video quality and are ready to use out of the box. Check also that you have the correct software/app installed (Skype, MS Teams, Zoom etc) and be able to use it at any given time.

    NOTE 2: Keep in mind that for Skype and MS Teams you are able to connect from both your computer and Smartphone at the same time. For example you can use your PC/Laptop that has a large screen to watch your lesson and use your Smart Phone’s microphone, speakers and camera (whatever doesn’t work on your PC/Laptop) instead. This is a great work around and keep it in mind in case of PC/Laptop failure.
    Remember also that if you are connected from both your computer and Smart Phone, you must have only one live microphone and one audio output device on, and have the microphone and speakers muted on your other device (PC) to avoid sound return and nasty noises.

    In any case, If you still have problems, contact the Globalcitizen Tech Team directly to resolve issues.

    3. Be prepared

    Have all necessary materials that you’ll be using during the lesson open and ready, eg books, notebooks, pens/pencils etc (in both physical and digital form).

    Don’t waste valuable time trying to find, open and use these materials during the lesson.

    4. Send Homework or other assignments before the lesson

    Students should send (upload or post) their assignments to their Teachers to the Globalcitizen Digital Platform or the Globalcitizen Skype or MS Teams groups before the lesson, to avoid loss of valuable time or technical problems that might arise during live connection.

    5. Let us know that you are ready

    A few minutes before lesson start, a message will be posted by your Teacher or the Globalcitizen Tech Team asking if you are ready.

    Please respond with a simple “Yes, I’m ready” post on the chat box for everyone to know.

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