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Canceling Lessons

    If you want to Cancel your lesson you can but there is a 24 hour cancelation limit.

    After this you can try but you risk being charged.

    ΝΟΤΕ 1: There is also a limit to how many times Students can cancel.
    Students can’t constantly be asking for lessons to be canceled especially lessons in a row.
    After a total of 3 cancelation requests Teachers can officially refuse and charge the lesson.

    Canceled lessons are not lost, but have to be rescheduled for a future date
    close to the original date of the canceled lesson.
    For lesson reschedule requests please read the following article:

    NOTE 2: Lesson cancelations originating from students do not disrupt or change in any way scheduled payments (monthly fees – if applicable). Payments are made on time and will not be postponed.

    For Cancelations requests you must contact the Globalcitizen Support Team (not your Teacher).

    This can be done through the following options.

    1. Posting Tickets

    You can visit the Official Globalcitizen Support Site at

    Once you have logged in as a student you’ll be able to create a cancelation ticket.

    submit ticket

    In order to successfully submit your ticket you must fill in the following fields:

    1. Subject: Please give a brief but specific description eg. English lesson cancelation.
    2. Description: Specifically state which lesson (Date and time) you want to cancel. Also state a reason why you want this cancelation.
    3. Department: Select the appropriate department you want to send this request to.
      You can choose from General, Lesson Rescheduling – Cancelation, Technical Support, Academic Support, Financial Matters, Complaints.
      In this case you should choose Lesson Rescheduling – Cancelation.
    4. Product: Select Product – Service that you are currently using eg. English Lessons, German, Korean, Information Technology etc
    5. Priority: You can select from 3 priority levels (Low, Medium, High).
      The typical priority level is Medium. Please use High only in really important situations and only when necessary.
    6. Attachments: If you have any files you need to send (images, screen shots, documents etc) please drag and drop here.
      NOTE: Please make sure your files are small in size (MAX: 2MB)

    You’ll then have to press the SUBMIT TICKET button at the bottom of the page.

    submit ticket

    You can see and manage your Tickets at the My Tickets page

    2. Getting in touch through Chat

    You can also try and get in touch with a member of the Globalcitizen Support Team through the Chat tool located at the bottom right corner of the Globalcitizen Support website.

    chat button

    In some cases you might be able to Communicate by other Chat tools like WhatsApp and Viber directly with your local Globalcitizen Associate – Agent

    3. Getting in touch by phone

    You can also try and get in touch with a local Globalcitizen representative by phone and put forward your case.

    ΝΟΤΕ: In any case, If you want to make your complaint official you must post a Complaint Ticket at the Globalcitizen Support Website.

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