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Conducting Live Lessons – After the lesson

    1. Contacting your Students for Academic matters

    It is common for Students to want to communicate with their teachers after their live lessons to ask various questions about academic matters, like homework, tests etc.

    This can be done strictly by using the Official Globalcitizen Communication Channels like the Globalcitizen Digital Chat tool or the Official Globalcitizen Skype and MS Teams Groups provided by the Organization for their lessons.

    NOTE: You are forbidden to exchange messages outside these official Globalcitizen channels eg directly through Skype by using Teacher or Student personal accounts or though other mediums like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp or any other communication tool. The same applies for phone numbers, emails and all type of direct communication mediums.

    Breach of this rule is reason for contract termination for both Students and Teachers.

    In such cases Globalcitizen reserves the right to terminate lessons as well as withhold deposited fees from students and not to make payments to teachers also. Both are also liable for legal action that might demand compensation from any liable party.

    2. Homework/Assignments

    There are two ways for Students to officially submit Homework/Assignments.

    The Globalcitizen Digital Platform

    To collect, correct and mark your students assignments through the Globalcitizen Digital Platform, you must first make Assignments available to your students.

    To do that, visit the Globalcitizen Digital Platform at:

    Once you login, and enter your Globalcitizen Learning Space you’ll be able to find the Assignment module in the according lesson.

    First, make the Assignment Module visible to your students and then Edit it.

    Fill in instructions of what your students have to do and upload supporting files if available.
    You can also add Submission deadlines if necessary.

    Once students have submitted their assignments, you can download, view, correct and mark them.

    VIDEO: Please have a look at the Video Post on the subject for details

    Globalcitizen Skype and MS Teams Groups

    You can also upload/post lesson notes and assignments to your students on the official Globalcitizen Skype and MS Teams Groups and your students can send/post their replies through them also.

    NOTE: Officially Assignments must be posted by the Teacher and uploaded from the students through the Globalcitizen Digital Platform. You as a Teacher however can decide which method suits you and your students best. Just let them know which one you’ll be using.

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