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Conducting Live Lessons – During the lesson

    1. Lesson Starts and Ends on time

    Start and finish your lessons on time.

    Private Lessons

    If a Student is late, you’ll start you lesson when he/she joins and finish on time.

    Group Lessons

    In case of Groups, lessons will start and finish on time. Students that are late or absent (for any reason), will be able to watch part of or all of the lesson afterwards from the Globalcitizen Digital Platform.
    Teachers are not obliged to repeat material covered in previous lessons to students that were absent nor do they have to give extra lessons to them.

    If you the Teacher are late, first of all let a Globalcitizen Support Team Member know in order for him/her to inform your students. Lost time will have to be compensated by you the Teacher to the Student/s. This can be an extension of the current lesson if possible, otherwise it will be arranged for a later time and date.

    NOTE: Make-up time (on a different date and time) can be discussed between Teacher and Students but must always be communicated to the Globalcitizen Support Team for final approval.

    2. Stick to the Lesson Plan

    Lesson time is precious.

    Get on with your lesson and don’t allow Students start unnecessary conversations that have nothing to do with the lesson itself.

    You have a strict lesson plan to follow comprising of:

    1. Homework review
    2. Introduction to new topics
    3. Presentation of new Academic material and skills (eg. Vocabulary, grammatical phenomena, syntax etc)
    4. Practice individual Acadmic material and skills
    5. Lesson Round-up and Consolidation exercises
    6. Provision of homework assignments for the next lesson

    NOTE: During lessons try to use the language you are teaching as much as possible. Avoid using your native language or intermediate languages like English. Students have a limited time to practice the language they are learning so make the best use of it.

    3. Avoid Background Noises and other Distractors

    During live lessons there can be background noises that create great distraction.

    To avoid this try to be alone in a quiet room with doors and windows closed.

    NOTE: Always mute your mobile phones or other messaging applications on your PC or Laptop during lesson delivery.

    4. Share your Screen

    During lessons, share your screen so that students can see all lesson materials.

    This allows you to have full control of the lesson and avoid delays and distractions.

    NOTE: Do not assume that your students will have all lesson materials available and ready to use during the lesson. Do your lessons like you are the only one in possession of lesson materials.

    5. General lesson rules

    Don’t Exchange Personal Information

    SOS: During lessons AND afterwards, you are not allowed to share any personal contact information that can be used by a teacher or a student to get in touch directly with each other outside the Globalcitizen Digital platform or any other official Globalcitizen communication channels like Globalcitizen Skype and MS Teams groups available for lesson delivery.

    Such personal contact information includes but is not limited to:

    • Phone numbers
    • Emails
    • Home or business addresses
    • Nicknames in social networks
    • External links

    NOTE: Whatever is needed to be discussed between student and teacher must only be communicated through the official Globalcitizen communication channels.

    Breach of this rule is reason for contract termination for both students and teachers.

    In such cases Globalcitizen reserves the right to terminate lessons as well as withhold deposited fees from students and not to make payments to teachers also. Both are also liable for legal action that might demand compensation from any liable party.

    Harassment Policy

    On a daily basis our team tries to make sure Students and Teachers never encounter inappropriate messages both written and verbal. To our regret, sometimes it can still happen.

    According to the rules of our platform, any violation of social norms and rules including inappropriate behavior, racism, sexual harassment, and fraud are strictly prohibited on the Globalcitizen Digital Platform.

    Rest assured we have zero tolerance for such behavior.

    If you’ve received any inappropriate messages, you don’t need to reply to them.

    If you need an issue to be resolved urgently, please reach out to the Globalcitizen Support Team right away for us to investigate the issue.

    If you encountered inappropriate behavior during your lesson, please try to make a screenshot of what was happening at the lesson. Depending on the situation, it’s up to you whether to end the call right away or continue your lesson.
    Afterwards, contact our Support Team by posting a ticket with your issue, and we’ll make sure you don’t need to communicate with that student or teacher again.

    We will investigate each case individually, and take appropriate action accordingly.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that the most official method to report issues is by submitting Support Tickets on the official Globalcitizen Support site:

    Limit discussions to strictly Academic Matters

    Teachers and students are free to discuss Academic matters between them.

    They are not allowed to discuss between them:

    1. Financial matters
    2. Changes in the lesson schedule and make final decisions without getting approval from the Globalcitizen Support Team.
    3. Other matters that have nothing to do with the academic topics being delivered


    1. For financial matters students must strictly contact the Globalcitizen Administration Team.
    2. For changes in the lesson schedule Students and Teachers must inform the Globalcitizen Support Team who are responsible for the smooth running of the lessons for all parties first. No lesson change should be made before the official consent of the Globalcitizen Administration Team.
      More information on Rescheduling or Canceling lessons here:
    3. Only Academic matters should be discussed in depth and length during lessons and not matters of personal or other type of interest that will lead to loss of important lesson time and create confusion or distress to either student or teacher. Note, lost lesson time due to such unnecessary discussions will not be replaced.

    6. Technical problems during the lesson

    Most live connection tools like Skype, MS Teams and Zoom have quality Connection indicators that show you what your connection quality is.

    If your connection quality is poor, a good tactic is to switch off your camera.
    This usually greatly increases your connection quality right away.

    Sometimes it might be necessary for a student or teacher to log out of the conversation and login again or even have to restart his/her computer before doing so.

    If connection problems still persist, it might be necessary for everyone to completely stop the lesson and start over again.

    If you still can’t resolve your technical problem, contact the Globalcitizen Tech Team to resolve issues.

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