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Teacher Policy

    If you want to offer Teacher Services on the Globalcitizen Platform, you must read and agree to be bound by these policies for Teachers (“Teacher Policy“). Capitalized terms (including the term “Globalcitizen“) used but not defined in this Teacher Policy have the meanings ascribed to such terms in our Terms of Service, which is available at (our “Globalcitizen Terms“).

    If you do not accept this Teacher Policy in full, you are not authorized to teach on the Globalcitizen Platform and you are not eligible to receive any benefits from Globalcitizen for any Teacher Services you provide.

    This Teacher Policy is designed to encourage the highest standards of Teacher behavior in their relationships with Students as well as the achievement of the highest level of learning (Globalcitizen Principals) by setting clear goals and expectations, and to provide the principles to guide Teachers in their daily conduct when providing Teacher Services/Globalcitizen Services and interacting with Students.

    However, as Globalcitizen provides lessons to Students worldwide, our Teachers come from all over the world and are thus accustomed to a variety of different cultural norms. As a result, this Teacher Policy attempts to adopt universally accepted standards of respect and tolerance. This Teacher Policy does not attempt to address every potential situation that could arise when Teachers interact with Students on the Globalcitizen Platform, but instead provides principles for ethical and professional behavior that can serve as guidance regarding Globalcitizen expectations.

    1. Teacher Registration and Service Description

    1.1 Teacher Registration

    In order to become a “Teacher“, you must first submit an application form together with a copy of your passport or other official identification card issued by the applicable government authorities either through the Globalcitizen Holding website or through your local Globalcitizen Associate/Partner’s website (“Teacher Application“).

    Your completed Teacher Application will be evaluated by Globalcitizen UK for approval.

    If your Teacher Application is approved, you’ll then have to attend an introductory Teacher Training Course (“GSTTIC – Globalcitizen Specialists Teacher Training Introductory Course”). The aim of this course is to familiarize yourself with all academic aspects of the Globalcitizen Methodology (standards and principals) as well as all Globalcitizen Educational Suites and Programs offered. You’ll also learn how to use the Globalcitizen Digital Platform for lesson delivery in both synchronous and asynchronous form.
    Having completed the course, you’ll take a test (GSAT – Globalcitizen Specialists Approval Test) where you’ll have to prove that you meet all necessary requirements to provide Globalcitizen Lessons/Packages to your Students in both synchronous and asynchronous form using the Globalcitizen Standards & Methodology.
    Once you have successfully passed your Test, you’ll then be awarded with the title of the Globalcitizen Specialist® and your member status will be changed to “Teacher“.
    You’ll then be able to create and manage a Teacher profile, and you can begin providing “Teacher Services” including offering and providing paid lessons (“Lesson“) to Students through the Globalcitizen Digital Platform.

    To the extent permitted by applicable law, Globalcitizen may obtain (i) background check reports from public records or through third party venders regarding matters such as criminal convictions or sex offender registrations, and/or (ii) identity verification check reports. As a condition of applying to become a Teacher, you agree and authorize us to use your personal information, such as your full name and date of birth, to obtain such reports. In order to obtain such identity verification check reports, you further agree and authorize us to provide the copy of your passport or official identification card you submitted with a third-party vender.

    1.2 Teacher Profile Description

    All Teachers must create a description of their Teacher Profile and Services offered to be displayed on the Globalcitizen Digital Platform as well as on the website of your local Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner.

    When creating the description of your Teacher Services, you agree to the following:

    1. Provide your Teacher moto and give a brief description of yourself as a person and as a Teacher. You must write a few words for why potential students should prefer you as a Teacher.
    2. You must also provide a Teacher Profile Image plus a Teacher Profile Introductory Video where you’ll briefly inform potential Students about you as a person, your academic knowhow and expertise as well as why students should choose you.
      You’ll have to present yourself in your native language as well as in English (for international students) plus the language/s you’ll be teaching.
    3. Provide information about your availability for lesson delivery (Schedule – days and time)
    4. Do not advertise any third-party teaching service, platform, software, or application; and
    5. Do not include any personal contact information, including but not limited to, email, telephone number, or social media account number.

    Your Teacher profile will also be submitted to your local Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner for it to be posted on their website.

    2. Teacher Services Guidelines

    2.1 Overview

    The Teachers will mainly be providing Globalcitizen Services/Lesson Packages through the Globalcitizen Digital Platform.

    Globalcitizen Services/Lesson Packages are delivered either in Private or Group lessons to Students by Teachers. Group lessons are either Scheduled or Ad-hoc. Private lessons are by default Ad-hoc.

    Students, contact a Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner through their local website/office and select the Globalcitizen Service / Lesson Package they would like to acquire (Globalcitizen Suite/Program) in either Scheduled Groups, Ad-hoc Groups or Private lessons.

    Scheduled Group Lesson Packages

    Scheduled Group Lesson Packages are communicated to relevant Teachers according to subject and level of study by local Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partners and both come to an agreement well in advance of the official Lesson start date.

    The Scheduled Group Lesson Packages are then announced – posted on the Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner’s website and advertised in both physical and digital form.

    Ad-hoc Group and Private Lesson Packages

    Ad-hoc Group and Private lessons, as they come during the year, are once again communicated to relevant Teachers according to subject and level of study by the Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner and they both come to an agreement before the Lesson start date. 

    In all cases a contract (the “Lesson Contract“) is made between the Teacher, the Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner and the involve Student/s before lessons can start.
    The Lesson Contract has to be honored by all parties involved. You can find more detailed information on the Globalcitizen Payment Terms.

    NOTE: Teachers can provide lessons to their own Students through the Globalcitizen Digital Platform if they wish, in order to benefit from all services provided. For this they’ll have to contact their local Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner and come to an agreement for the Services to be provided by Globalcitizen to the Teacher and his/her Student/s.

    2.2 Teacher Service Request

    Teacher Service requests come in the form of:

             i.            Initial Requests for Globalcitizen Service/Lesson Package delivery by a Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner (Accept/Decline)

           ii.            Lesson Cancelation or Lesson Change Requests during the Service delivery period by a Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner or by a Student (only for private lessons)

    Once you receive any of the above types of Teacher Service requests, you agree to the following:

    1. Use the Globalcitizen Platform or the Globalcitizen Retail Associate/Partner’s website to manage all Teacher Service requests;
    2. Respond promptly to all Teacher Services related communications, whether from Globalcitizen or from an individual Student;
    3. Respond to all Teacher Services requests with accept, decline, or propose a time/date change. Do not ignore Teaching Service requests.

    2.3 Lesson Policy

    All Teachers are expected to comply with the following policies when providing a Lesson:

    1. Commit to your scheduled Lesson. A scheduled Lesson is a commitment you make with a Group or individual Students. Reschedule or cancel as a last resort and only after you have communicated this with the Globalcitizen Support Service and/or your Student. If you know you will be away and unable to respond to Requests for a certain period, take the responsibility to notify the Globalcitizen Support Service and your Students of your absence and update the availability information on your Globalcitizen Account profile accordingly.
    2. Make records. Teachers should maintain a record of all important details of communications with Globalcitizen and Students pursuant to Section 2.1(3).
      If there is a dispute between Teacher and Student, Globalcitizen will request both Teacher and Student to provide evidence in the format of screenshots, and such screenshots shall contain all information related to such dispute, such as the date, time and other communication details.
      In this case, Globalcitizen will also be able to use all available material posted within the Teacher – Student/s Learning Space (Digital classroom) such as Lesson Video Recordings, blog posts, lesson assignments etc as a means of finding information to further investigate Teacher – Student claims.
    3. Start Teacher Services on time. Teachers should start Lessons on time and should be particularly cautious especially with new Students and on first Lessons.
    4. Waiting for a late Student.
      In case of Group lessons, the Teacher will start the lesson as soon as at least one student is present. The Teacher can wait a maximum of 5 minutes for others to join before he/she can officially start the lesson if he/she wishes to do so.
      In case of Private lessons, if a Student is late for a scheduled Lesson, the Teacher should wait for the Student until the end of the period for the scheduled Lesson.
      The Teacher should be available to start the Lesson at any time during the scheduled period for the Lesson. The Teacher is not, however, required to make up for lost time due to the Student’s late arrival.
    5. End Lesson on time. Teachers should politely let Students know that their lessons are ending by reminding them before the end of the Lesson time period. You may politely tell the Student that you need to prepare for an upcoming Lesson with another Student.
    6. Rescheduling a Lesson due to Student’s absence. If a Student fails to attend a Lesson and requests to reschedule the class, it is entirely up to the Teacher’s to agree or reject it.

    Full information can be found at the Lesson Policy.

    2.4 Cancellation and Rescheduling

    If you will be unable to provide your Teacher Services at the time previously agreed between you and an individual Student or a Group, you agree to immediately inform the Globalcitizen Support Team (who will in turn inform the Student/s) that you are unable to provide your Teacher Services at the scheduled time, and provide them with an explanation. If you were unable to inform them in advance due to an emergency, you are required to give an explanation as soon as you are able to do so.

    After obtaining the consent from the Globalcitizen Support Team, a Teacher may cancel or reschedule any scheduled Teacher Service (including a Lesson) at any time that is more than 24 hours before such Teacher Service is scheduled to start.

    Canceling or rescheduling a Teacher Service must be handled through the Globalcitizen Platform, and by following the cancellation and rescheduling process.

    Except in the rare case of true emergencies, no Teacher Service (including a Lesson) may be cancelled or rescheduled by a Teacher or Student within 24 hours of the start time for such Teacher Service.

    2.5 Payment and Feedback

    After you provide any Teacher Services, you agree to the following:

    1. Payment for Services successfully provided will be handled by Globalcitizen as stated on the Payment Terms.
    2. Provide helpful, objective, balanced end of month reports for individual Students and Groups.

    2.6 Additional Guidelines

    You also agree the following additional guidelines in connection with providing your Teacher Services on the Globalcitizen Platform:

    1. Maintain the privacy of Globalcitizen Students pursuant to the Globalcitizen Privacy Policy, including refraining from requesting any personally identifiable information from Students, such as birth date, age, government issued identification number, phone number, or home address;
    2. Maintain records of all invoices and payments in connection with your Teacher Services;
    3. Cooperate with Globalcitizen in any anti-fraud actions and in resolving any disputes; and
    4. Report any violation of the Globalcitizen Terms or any other Globalcitizen Policies, including misuse of ratings and feedback.

    3. Service Standards

    3.1 Be Culturally Sensitive

    Respect the values and traditions of your Students. Unless specifically requested by the Student, please avoid asking about the following:

    1. Your Student’s personal life. For example, do not ask a Student whether he or she is married, or whether he or she has a girlfriend or boyfriend.
    2. Your Student’s political affiliations. For example, do not ask a Student whether he or she supports a particular political party or ideological view.
    3. Your Student’s religious affiliations. For example, do not ask a Student if he or she believes in God or identifies with a particular religious group.

    3.2 Be Patient and Polite

    Since Students come from different backgrounds and have different language abilities, it is important to be patient and polite. Help them through their language learning difficulties. Be encouraging, not discouraging.

    1. Do not berate, yell at, or insult a Student. Do not tell a Student he or she is incompetent or insult their current level of language ability.
    2. Do not use rude or offensive language with a Student. Instead, use respectful language and speak to Students with professional courtesy.
    3. Do not lose your temper with a Student.

    If you are not sure that whether you are able to handle a situation with composure, you are welcome to contact Globalcitizen Support Service for help, or to suggest that a Student contact Globalcitizen Support Service to resolve an issue.

    3.3 Be Professional

    Teachers must take the initiative in communicating with and managing Students. In addition to the Teacher Services guidelines described in Section 2 (Teacher Services Guidelines), Teachers are expected to provide Teacher Services in a professional manner, which includes:

    1. Being responsive. You should respond to messages from Students promptly. When you receive a Teacher Service request from a Student, you should respond within 48 hours OR before the start time proposed by the Student for the Teacher Service (whichever is sooner). The Globalcitizen Platform will send you notifications when a Student send you a message or a Teacher Service request, but we recommend that you login to your Globalcitizen Account at least twice a day to check and respond to messages and Teacher Service requests.
    2. Actively manage your calendar and profile. Maintain your calendar to accurately reflect the times you are available to provide Teacher Services. When you login to your Globalcitizen Account, you should check and adjust your time availability schedule, and update your status. If you plan to take time off from providing Teacher Services, update your profile accordingly so that you will be removed from active Teacher listings.
    3. Use the language that you are Teaching. Students are paying for you to teach them a new language. Do not use the Student’s native language to communicate, instead use the language that you are teaching as much as possible and encourage your student to do the same. Give them as much speaking time as possible.
    4. Provide accurate and respectful feedback. Globalcitizen provides a feedback and rating system to allow Students to publicly express their opinions to their Teacher’s instruction quality. Globalcitizen does not monitor, censor, or investigate feedback and rating posts unless a problem is brought to our attention. If you believe a particular Student’s feedback or rating is improper, untrue or violates Globalcitizen Terms or Globalcitizen Policies, please the incident to Globalcitizen customer service.

    4. Violation of this Teacher Policy

    You are expected to perform any Teacher Service in a manner that satisfies the teaching standards described above and results in a consistently high level of Student satisfaction. You are in breach of this Teacher Policy, if you:

    1. Fail to deliver any Teacher Service for which payment was accepted;
    2. Fail to take reasonable efforts to resolve a dispute with a Student;
    3. Create unacceptable levels of Student dissatisfaction; or
    4. Violate any Globalcitizen Terms or any other Globalcitizen Policies.

    Globalcitizen reserves the right to take any of the following actions at any time and in its sole discretion:

    1. Cancel your listed Teacher Services;
    2. Limit your Globalcitizen Account privileges;
    3. Adjust your Teacher Wallet balance and/or freeze or suspend your Teacher Wallet;
    4. Suspend or terminate your Globalcitizen Account; or
    5. Contact law enforcement or seek legal remedies.

    5. Teacher Content

    The terms of this section regarding Teacher Content applies to all Teachers providing Teacher Services on the Globalcitizen Platform, in addition to the terms of Section 10 (Member Content) of the Globalcitizen Terms.

    5.1 Teacher Content Ownership

    Any articles, video or any other materials used in your Teacher Services or submitted to the Globalcitizen Platform in connection with your Teacher Services, such as your introduction video (the “Teacher Content“), constitute Member Content. As a result, pursuant to this section and Section 10 (Member Content) of the Globalcitizen Terms, you own the copyright to your Teacher Content, and Globalcitizen does not claim any ownership rights in any Teacher Content. Teacher content however has to be in accordance with and abide with the rules and standards set by Globalcitizen for Globalcitizen Service/Lesson Package delivery.

    5.2 Student License to Teacher

    You hereby grant each Student who purchases your Teacher Services a right to view and use, your Teacher Content that you use in providing your Teacher Services to such Student solely for personal and noncommercial educational purposes. You acknowledge that all of the representations, warranties, license grants and other provisions contained in Section 9 (Member Content) of the Globalcitizen Terms apply to all of your Teacher Content that you submit to the Globalcitizen Platform.

    5.3 Globalcitizen License to Teacher Content

    In addition, you also grant the license to Globalcitizen to use, view, copy, modify, distribute, publish and otherwise exploit your Member Content (including your Teacher Content) pursuant to Section 9 (General Profile Member Content) of the Globalcitizen Terms, you hereby grant Globalcitizen a license to use your Teacher Content (including your introduction video) and information about your Teaching Services in marketing, advertising and promotion of the Globalcitizen Platform in any medium. For the avoidance of doubt, Globalcitizen may publish your introduction video to Globalcitizen’s official channels in third-party video hosting and streaming services, such as Youtube, Vimeo etc. Globalcitizen will remove any Teacher introduction videos from our official channels on third-party video hosting and streaming services upon written request from such Teacher sent to Globalcitizen customer service. You also grant Globalcitizen the right to use your profile name as part of our marketing, advertising and promotion of the Globalcitizen Platform.

    You also grant Globalcitizen the right to view and use your Teacher Academic Content as posted on the Globalcitizen Learning Space (Digital Classroom) for technical and academic support, ability to check if all Globalcitizen Academic Standards are being met as well as in cases of Teacher Vs Student disputes for Globalcitizen to have an objective view on the mater.

    6. Prohibitions

    In addition to complying with the restrictions regarding improper use of the Globalcitizen Platform described in Section 11 (Restrictions) of the Globalcitizen Terms, you agree not to, and will not assist, encourage, or enable Students or other Teachers to:

    1. Provide or post false, misleading, inaccurate, or plagiarized information on the Globalcitizen Platform, including in your Teacher profile, course content, lesson history and feedback.
    2. Fail to establish or maintain your Globalcitizen Teacher profile to ensure that it contains complete, accurate, and updated information.
    3. Provide your Teacher Service, including offering and providing Lessons, to any “fake” Students that uses Globalcitizen Account created by yourself or any third party to drive up your lesson counts and ratings in bad faith.
    4. Forge or alter your education background, curriculum vitae, work experience or certificates.
    5. Advertise or promote third party language learning services.
    6. Encourage or allow Students to work with you outside of the Globalcitizen Platform or accept payment outside of the Globalcitizen Platform and the Globalcitizen Retail Associates/Partners Worldwide. If a Student asks you to provide Teacher Services outside of the Globalcitizen Platform, please remind the Student that lessons must be scheduled and paid for through the Globalcitizen Platform and the Globalcitizen Retail Associates/Partners. You can report the Student or contact Globalcitizen customer support.

    In the event that you violate the prohibitions set forth in this section, Globalcitizen reserves the right to immediately suspend or deactivate your Globalcitizen Account. Globalcitizen also reserves the right to confiscate any earned Globalcitizen Credits (as defined in the Payment Policy), and you may lose access to your lesson and teaching history on the Globalcitizen Platform. If you believe that others have violated these prohibitions, or if you are not sure whether any specific actions would violate these prohibitions, please contact Globalcitizen customer support immediately.

    7. Contacting Customer Service

    If you wish to report a violation of this Teacher Policy, Globalcitizen Terms or any other Globalcitizen Policies, or have any questions or need assistance, please contact Globalcitizen customer service as follows:

    Online Support:


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